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  • Centuries of cocktail creation

  • A rich history, brought to life in every glass.

Centuries of cocktail creation

A rich history, brought to life in every glass.

shop a hand selected assortment of our Sazerac family of brands

Bittermens Bitters

GMO Free Certified and kosher, Bittermens is designed to help bartenders create perfect, all-natural cocktails every time.

You can experiment with unique flavors such as Hellfire Habanero Shrub and Xocalatl Mole Bitters adding zest to any mixed drink, mocktail or culinary creation.

Freddie's Old Fashioned Sodas

Freddie’s Craft Soda's are named in honor of longtime Buffalo Trace Distillery tour guide, Freddie Johnson. As a third-generation Buffalo Trace Distillery employee, Freddie often explains to visitors that bourbon is made to be enjoyed with friends and family.

The same is true to Freddie’s Root Beer, an old-fashioned soda made with natural herbs, real oil of birch and imported vanilla. 

Peychaud's Bitters

In 1832 Antoine Amédée Peychaud owned an apothecary in the French Quarter where he made his famous bitters. Over time Peychaud's bitters became wildly popular. His recipe of distilled spirits infused with botanicals is still used today.

Peychaud's is an essential ingredient in the official Sazerac cocktail and an indispensable staple in any sophisticated bar.